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Is Corcovado recommended for young kids, elders, disabled and dogs?

Choosing an adequate itinerary for your group or family will make you fully appreciate the beauty and stunning sights of Corcovado. Feel free to ask all your questions about some special requests
or particular physical conditions. We want to make sure your stay will be enjoyable and stress-free.



kids in the jungleKids are more than welcome to experience the magic of Corcovado. Just like going everywhere else with kids, preparing accordingly will make your trip even more pleasant. It is a great educational opportunity for a family or school trip to learn about the natural wonders of the park.

Infants less than 3 years old do not pay. If you are traveling with an infant, make sure to bring a comfortable and light boogie to bring your child. Moreover, take into consideration that the weather is hot and humid, so the choice of your carrier for both you and your baby is important.

Kids from 3 to 11 years old benefit from a discount. Make sure to mention the age of your kids in your request. The recommended overnight itinerary for them is boating in and boating out, visiting Sirena from either Puerto Jiménez or Drake Bay. Sirena offers a variety of 2–3-hour trails around its station allowing you and your kids to rest whenever needed.

baby in the jungleDo not overestimate the capabilities of your kids by taking a long hike. Follow our recommendations. They will enjoy Sirena trails more than the 19.5 km hike separating Carate from Sirena. Your kids might be in excellent physical condition and practice several sports, but hiking in a completely different climate may affect their hiking capacity (and mood) considerably.

Do not confuse a sportive child with hiking and trekking endurance. A kid can be great at certain sports, but their strength and abilities to perform in their favorite outdoor or indoor activity should not be compared to the difficulty of a long hike in extremely hot and humid conditions. In addition, kids (or parents) will be wearing a backpack with food and stuff to spend the night in the jungle while in Sirena, backpacks can be left at the stations during the hikes.

infantOnly a few kids under 12 years old should take the long hike from Carate to Sirena. Who? The ones who are used to hiking 20+ km on a regular basis (special school programs, very active family, etc.) and some athletes’ kids (runners, bikers, etc.).Over the past 10 years, the youngest kid who has done this long hike with our company was an 8-year-old athlete.

Teenagers from 12 years old can take a long hike. However, basing ourselves on the average physical conditions of children, we recommend long hikes for 16 years old and older.

From 12 years old, kids pay the adult rate.


seniorsYes. Just like kids, we recommend seniors who want to take an overnight tour in Corcovado choose the boat-in and boat-out option. From the beach to Sirena station, there is a flat 2 kilometers hike. This is the minimum length you are required to hike back and forth to reach Sirena station.


No. Unfortunately, none of the stations of Corcovado National Park is prepared or equipped to receive people in a wheelchair or people who can’t walk with ease. We would rather recommend you other activities. Make sure to mention to us your physical disability, so we can better assist you with your Corcovado trip, and, if necessary, request special help or additional guiding assistance.


No. It is strictly prohibited to enter Corcovado National Park with a dog or any other domestic animals. Only guide/assistant dogs are allowed and you must mention it at the moment of booking so there will be a special note on your reservation.

How long are the hikes

We always try to choose the guide who will best suit your needs and interests. However, do not hesitate to tell your guide at any moment if he walks too fast or too slow, whenever you need to take a break or need a hand.

For day tours, Sirena, La Leona and San Pedrillo are good options for the kids and the elderly. We manage small group tours and whenever possible private ones. This gives you a lot of flexibility according to your walking capability.

Sirena offers trails around its station. Most of them are 2-3 hours long at a slow speed. Although it is not possible to walk on the trails without your guide, if the hiking level of your group varies, some people can rest at the station while most adventurers go for an extra hike. Between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm between January and March, it is sometimes too hot to walk for certain people. Taking an overnight tour will allow you to see more avoiding midday’s heat.

From young grandchildren to teenagers to adults and grandparents, Corcovado National Park is much more than a forest. This unique wonderland showcases and protects some of Costa Rica’s most natural and precious treasures.

There is a lot for everyone to enjoy!

family in the forest