Corcovado 2-day tour

Our local experienced tour guide will help you to find out all the secrets of the rainforest and its inhabitants. You’ll also learn about their habitats, whether it’s animals, insects or plants!

We’ll start off the day early, usually around 5AM and head to Carate. From there we start the hike into the Corcovado National Park. It’s around a 6-7 hour hike to Sirena Biological Station, where we’ll spend the night.

The next day we’ll have an early breakfast and from there we’ll make our way back to Carate, where we will be picked up to go back to Jimenez. But even on the way back, we’ll still have our eyes open, as it is early in the morning, a good time to spot been more animals!

We will also cross the Madrigal River, giving you a chance for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water and a little break. We will return to Puerto Jimenez around 3:00pm.