Corcovado 3-day tour

This is the perfect trip for adventurers Nature Lovers. On this trip we leave from Puerto Jimenez at 05.30am, after one hour walking along the beach we´ll arrive at La Leona Station, which is the entrance to the park. Then our trip will take us to Sirena. We will walk along this rout for several hours approximate. (7 hours), crossing some rivers on our way.

We´ll also see a lot of animals on this path. At the end of the first day, we´ll be at Sirena, for overnight, shower and dinner. On the second day you will start early in the morning with your naturalist tour guide, at 5 am before breakfast to explore the area of Sirena River, about two hours surrounding, after two hours we back to the station for our breakfast.


After breakfast, we will take a little break and then we continue walking towards the Guanacaste trails, Espavel Trail, Sirena Trail, where always your expert tour guide will help yours to discover the real wildlife and rainforest.

A large number of wild animals exist, such as the wild pigs, Crocodiles, and four species of monkeys, many deferent’s species of birds that can be seen are Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, hummingbirds, Parrots, Parakeets, and many others. Then we have lunch and then we can relax in the paradisiacal beach Sirena or the Station.

We’ll have the Sunset exploration too, as on the first night we´ll have dinner, shower. On the third day, we’ll start early in the morning, when we make our way back to Carate, right after breakfast. Once we arrive in Carate, we´ll take the transfer to Puerto Jimenez.