Community and Collaborations

Our farm, forest, and travel brands are created with community and collaborations from around the world.

Everywhere on the farm and forest, there are countless stories of people who have collaborated painted murals, designed trails, planted exotic fruit trees, picked fresh fruits and vegetables, and made chocolate and coconut oil.

We pride ourselves on not only living in Costa Rica, but showcasing the cultural experience of the Pura Vida – the Pure Life.
See Osa Peninsula
We are in the middle of a tropical rainforest and minutes from world-famous national park Corcovado.

Every single day, don’t be surprised when you see and hear Scarlett Macaws, Howler Monkeys, Toucans, and extensive wildlife all around you.

Costa Rica tops the Happy Planet Index being the greenest and happiest place in the world! It is a leader in sustainability, environmentalism, and ecotourism.

The farm and the forest isn’t the only place you will find evidence of collaborations with us. You will find collaborations with digital marketing and business consulting all over our travel brands with the website, social media, photography, videography, grants and more!

If you haven’t visit it yet, maybe it is time to add the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to your bucket list!


We offer two types of collaborations including:


Digital Marketing: Website / Videography / Blog / Social / Photography

Examples include, but are not limited to:

1. Website and SEO for Businesses: Excellent knowledge of WordPress and Divi
2. Videography and Video Editing: Drone, GoPro, shooting lenses, stabilizer, Adobe Premiere Pro
3. Creating and Reviewing Texts: Tours & New Blog Posts on Website
4. Social Captions for Instagram and Channels: Influencer with high quality content, website, and collaboration experience.

*Must have experience, examples of work and must have your own laptop.


Sustainable Farming: Gardening / Planting / Harvesting

1. Cleaning Forest Trails: Raking and removing branches
2. Gardening: Spreading organic fertilizer to the fruit trees, removing weeds, and making compost
3. House Cleaning: General and deep cleaning
4. Sustainable projects: Taking care of fish lagoons, building chicken hand-house, and helping on the construction of a suspended bridge


To Apply, submit via email to [email protected]

You must include:

1. Skills and interest

2. Proof of previous work in a designated area

3. Reviews from a platform/client/channel.

If you are multi-talented, we are happy to consider you for 1 or more areas.


Cultural exchange and learning experience

You will be encouraged to learn and participate in our weekly sustainable activities like orange picking and making juice, extracting coconut milk and oil, enjoying fruits, veggies and medicinal plants and experiencing the seed to feed chocolate process from harvesting the fruit pods to tasting delectable chocolate.

You will be welcome to join existing tour group in the Osa Peninsula and get discounts on activities.

It is a great opportunity to practice languages, make new friends, share cultural experiences with food and traditions from respective countries.

Accommodation is provided on the farm. There are walking trails in the forest in and around this peace and quiet, away from the crowd beautiful property. Perfect for nature and animal lovers. The farm has basic facilities such as electricity, potable water and WiFi.

Numerous digital nomads and travelers loved staying.


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