Adventure Costa Rica

Tropical Rainforest in OSA Peninsula, Costa Rica

We live and breathe the Pura Vida in Costa Rica – the Pure Life – day after day and could not ask for anything better.

Costa Rica tops the Happy Planet Index being the greenest and happiest place in the entire world! It is a leader in sustainability, environmentalism, and ecotourism.

The country is home to over 500,000 species of animals making it one of the Top 20 most biodiverse countries in the world. What makes it even more amazing is the size of the country. Did you know that Costa Rica is almost 200 times smaller than United States?

Osa Green Travel is blessed with a 37-acre (15 hectares) property in the middle of the Osa Peninsula tropical rainforest and minutes from world-famous national park Corcovado. Every single day, we work hard to preserve and take environmental initiatives on our seclude piece of paradise. We enjoy seeing and hearing Scarlett Macaws, Howler Monkeys, Toucans, and extensive wildlife all around us on a daily basis.


OSA Peninsula, Costa Rica Sustainable Farm

Sustainable Farm, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica We are ecstatic at how far our farm has come in only a few years.

Everywhere you step on our sustainable farm, there are countless stories of our heart and soul, including people collaborating who have planted hundred of exotic fruit trees, designed trails in primary and secondary forests, currently developing a self-sustaining ecosystem with lagoons, and continually maintaining a suitable environment for an extended wildlife.

The moment you step foot onto our landscape, you are immersed in wonder. Besides the lush rainforest, the garden has over 130 different exotic fruit trees, 50 medicinal plants, and several small plantations. Our producing plantation includes banana, plantain, turmeric, peanut, corn, yuca, ginger, pineapple and potato.

The farm has a grazing area for a few cows, sustainable healthy soil and composting initiative.

We regularly produce the seed to feed cacao to chocolate processing, as well as coconut milk and oil.

Our future projects include further development in self-sufficiency and sustainability including lagoons with a variety of fish, crabs, and plant life, an hanging bridge in the rainforest, and trail development with medicinal plants.


We are seeking opportunities for foundations, investments, and national park possibilities.


About the Owners


I’m a Canadian that moved to Costa Rica in 2012 and immediately fell in love with this beautiful country.

After traveling from North to South, I settle down in what I call the perfect living place, the Osa Peninsula, bordering the Corcovado National Park. With a year round ideal weather, being close to nature day after day, and surrounded with such incredible local people in a safe location, is all I could ever dream of.

I am passionate about sustainability, wildlife and adventure. I speak English, Spanish, and French.

Last, but definitely not least is my experience and education in tourism. I started my education in Tourism in Canada, and have continued my education in tourism and biodiversity in Costa Rica.

I own and operate three tourism companies booking tours, two of them with my business partner Carlos Martínez, in the areas of Golfito and the Osa Peninsula Tropical Escapade, Osa Green Travel and Rancho Tropical specializing in nature, wildlife, and adventure tours for solo and group travels including tons of tours such as Corcovado National Park, Cano Island, and Waterfall Rappelling.

With more than 15 years of experience, over 25,000 adventures given, 100+ of tours options, 25+ guides, and Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Awards, we are incredible at helping you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Costa Rica you will NEVER forget!

There is no better feeling to see smiles on a traveler’s faces showing excitement and joy before and after a memorable journey in Costa Rica. It is what I love and live for!

CARLOS MARTÍNEZ, Licensed Naturalist and Adventure Guide

Carlos is originally from Guanacaste province. He grew up in an jungle farm were he was always close to cattle, other farm animals and wildlife. His closest neibors were kilometers away, and going out involved hours of walk. As far as he remember, he always had a deep interests for animals of all kind and nature. He was the Tarzan of an unforgiving jungle. His father taught him everything he knew and Carlos also learned the secrets of the forest with Mother Nature.

In 2011, he moves from La Cruz, his home town, to the South of the Country to work as a foreman in a cattle farm. He was only 21 years old, but so well prepared in life, that he adapted very quickly and fully enjoyed his new playground. He met the love of his life a few months after he moved to the South and now has two beautiful kids with her.

Carlos studied informatics at university in Guanacaste, but he belongs to nature and is happier where the WiFi is weak.

In 2012, he studied English at night, and learned it so fast, that in a few month he was able to have a conversation and in that same year bringing English speaking tourists on horse tours. After he completed his English studies, he started to specialized himself as a naturalist guide, until he got his license in 2017 and then was able to take tours into the Corcovado National Park.

Carlos loves both guiding and cattle. His next goal is to graduate as a veterinarian. When he gets the time to study? This is a true mystery.

Our Progress over the years

Carlos and I started working together in 2012.

I saw a great future and an incredible potential in this young man, so he did in me. By the end of that first year, we already had our first tourism brand operating: Rancho Tropical

Years after years we continued to develop our offering. We first started with horseback riding in the rainforest, meadow and on the beach. Then we combined it with a 30-meter waterfall rappelling and a year later with an exceptional tree climbing from the inside of the tree.

It didn’t took long for us to require the help of collaborators as even if both of us are hard workers, it was just too much.

Our vision has always be big, in 2016, we invested in a multi-purposes property in the middle of a tropical rainforest of the beautiful and evergreen Osa Peninsula.

2018, is the year that we bought Osa Green Travel. We extended the tour offer even more partnering with sustainable farms, and collaborating with more local guides drivers.