Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park

You can find 2.5% of the World's Biodiversity in a small area of just 424 square kilometres ...

The Osa Peninsula is located in the southwestern of Costa Rica, in the Puntarenas Province, on the Pacific Ocean and gps coordinates are: 8°33′N 83°30′W8.55°N 83.5°W.

The Peninsula was formed geologically by a faulting system that extends north into California.

One of the most biologically intense places on earth, the Osa Peninsula is home to at least half of all species living in Costa Rica.

Puerto Jimenez

The main town on the Osa Peninsula is Puerto Jimenez, which has its own airport and provides access to the Corcovado National Park as well as the Coastal villages of Cabo Matapalo and Carate.

This town was established by Juan Maria Fernandez and this was the first community in the area called “Golfo Dulce” on August 31, 1848. The good hunting, excellent fishing and fertile lands for agriculture were important reasons of why people were attracted. The original settlement of Golfo Dulce, became then Santo Domingo in 1876 and in 1916 became what we now know as Puerto Jiménez, in honor of Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno, then President of Costa Rica.

The economy was based on agriculture (rice, beans etc.), cattle ranching, fishing on a small scale and gold mining. Puerto Jimenez still keeps some of the Panamanian traditions and roots.

Currently, Puerto Jimenez has a population of 5000 to 6000 people, including the smaller towns around it.  The main activities are tourism, cattle ranching and agriculture on a smaller scale.

Fifteen years ago, a road between Puerto Jimenez and the Pan-American Highway was built and the amount of tourist arrivals increased significantly bringing positive effects to the local economy.  Today Puerto Jimenez is a popular destination among nature lovers, sport fishermen (and -women), surfers, backpackers and adventure traveler